Orthotic Devices

Orthotic Therapy

Poor foot alignment can cause a wide range of problems, not just with feet, but radiating to ankles, knees, hips and backs. Often the solution is quite simple – orthotic devices.

Prescription orthotics are custom-made for the individual’s specific condition. We make functional and ski orthotics!

The difference in support is remarkable and you should notice a marked relief of discomfort within a short time of wearing them. Prescription orthotics should not be confused with over-the-counter “arch supports”! Arch supports may occasionally help with minor arch discomfort short-term, but they often fail as they do not properly support the entire foot. As they are also bulk produced, they often do not properly fit the foot. Long-term wear of arch supports may weaken the arch and on occasion exacerbate the problem.

The Forest Podiatry was one of the first podiatry practices in Australia to install a German engineered Zebris sensored treadmill complete with a high speed video camera. From your biomechanical assessment we prescribe orthotics to ensure you are supported and aligned.

Orthotics may be able to help with any of the following conditions: flat feet / high arches / arch pain / shin splints / pronation / heel pain / plantar fasciitis / limb length discrepancies / low back pain / knee/hip pain / forefoot (ball of the foot) and toe pain / ankle instability / bunions / hammer toes / growing pains / stress fractures / sports injuries / ski boot pain / neuromae. 

Orthotics can be prescribed for children, teens, sportspeople and the elderly.

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