Biomechanical Assessments

We love technology!

The Forest Podiatry was one of the first podiatry practices in Australia to install a Zebris sensored treadmill complete with a high speed video camera. This fantastic technology (made in Germany) means we can measure with incredible accuracy exactly what is happening when you stand, walk or run. We can analyse through pressure graphs and video playback what is affecting the health of your feet and how any misalignment’s could be causing you pain in your feet and referred pain to other parts of the body.

Why should you have a biomechanical assessment?

A biomechanical assessment is an examination of the way your body moves. It identifies whether or not your joints, muscles and nerves are working together efficiently.  Assessments focus mainly on how the rest of your body is affected by the movement of your legs & feet. Your back, hips, knees, poor posture, neck pain and headaches can be attributed to problems with the feet or lower legs. The incredibly accurate measurements produced at the time of your assessment, when combined with our vast hands-on experience ensures you will receive the best possible treatments and orthotics.

What might be included in a subsequent treatment programme?

  • Advice on posture improvement and stretching techniques
  • Advice on footwear based on your specific foot type & shape, posture, health & injury
  • Orthotics made from your precise biomechanical measurements
  • Anti-inflammation advice to relieve symptoms
  • Laser treatment
  • Acupuncture / dry needling treatment
  • Strapping techniques to relieve pain & symptoms
  • Training, exercise techniques and rehabilitation
  • Advice on future sports and activities after recovery


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