In Australia, a limb is lost every three hours¹


The figures are sobering and a reminder to all diabetes sufferers of the importance of constant and scrupulous foot care.

The effects of diabetes on the feet are twofold: damaged nerves and poor blood circulation. A large number of diabetics also suffer from artery disease and nerve disease, which increases the likelihood of countless foot difficulties.

We will help you understand why foot problems develop and how you can prevent them happening to you.

We like to build on-going relationships with our diabetic patients so that we can be proactive with prevention and treatment.

If you suffer from diabetes and do not have a regular podiatrist, we encourage you to give us a call, make an appointment, and have an assessment.

Diabetes treatments also include:

  • Annual vascular and neurological diabetes screening
  • Annual reports provided to your referring GP
  • Treatments claimable under Medicare – GP Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan referral required
  • At the Forest Podiatry, we have the latest in German engineering in the form of the Zebris Force Distribution Treadmill. Not only does its 5000 odd pressure sensors help us to analyse our patients’ biomechanics to the finest detail, we are also finding it most useful to measure soft tissue pressure, critical information to help prevent complications in patients with higher-risk conditions such as diabetes.

Ref 1: Bergin SM, et al. A limb is lost every 3 hours: can Australia reduce amputations in people with diabetes? Medical Journal of Australia 2012; 197:197-198

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