New Autumn/Winter FRANKiE4 stock is now in!
As you probably all know, the girls in here at The Forest Podiatry are softies for a good shoe and we are all in love with our new range of FRANKiE4s. We have just received a huge delivery of enclosed shoes for the cooler months so now is the time to come in and try on a pair.

Excitingly we are now stocking the Nat which has been the most popular style this season as they are very versatile, complementing summer dresses to cosier autumn fashion. While being fashionable, your feet will feel loved due to the thoughtfully designed features of the shoes. They are available in 4 different colours and can accommodate prescription orthotics.

The Sophie is back once again however this time in a fresh new colour range to compliment your winter wardrobe.

Our old favourite, the Ellie, is back once again in three different colours and we also have the Jennie shoe which features a slim look and Functional Footbed with the new Sweet Spot. The Sweet Spot is designed to provide additional support to the transverse arch which improves foot biomechanics. Combined with increased cushioning to the most significant weight-bearing plantar metatarsal area, the Sweet Spot is designed to improve forefoot function and comfort whilst assisting in the treatment and prevention of forefoot pain.

All the staff at The Forest Podiatry are loving wearing them! Ensure your feet are happy and healthy, step on into The Forest Podiatry and ask one of our knowledgeable team members how FRANKiE4 can help keep your feet happy all day.

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