Tips to care for your feet and keep them toasty and warm throughout Winter…

Do you get painful small red lumps, patches of discolouration or swollen itchy skin on your feet? Then you might have a condition called Chillblains. These form on the skin as a response to the cold and poor circulation, making it a common winter concern. Extremities are most at risk, making toes particularly vulnerable. Diabetics are also at higher risk due to their compromised circulation. If this condition isn’t cared for correctly, it can be very painful and lead to ulceration, thus make prevention the best treatment.

Avoid rapid changes in temperature as this exacerbates the chilblains, gradually warm up your feet. Warming your feet with a hot water bottle is considered a rapid change which will cause the blood vessels to leak fluid into the surrounding tissues. This leads to painful swelling and red coloured lumps.

Keep them warm by wearing socks. Moisture wicking sport socks are the best as they will keep them toasty and dry.

Give your feet space by making sure your socks and shoes aren’t too tight. Any constrictions could restrict the blood flow.

Keep active as that will keep the circulation flowing.

Avoid smoking as the nicotine constricts your blood vessels, affecting the blood flow.
If you think you’re at risk of chilblains or showing some symptoms, therapeutic paraffin wax baths are most successful in reducing swelling and resolving pain

Therapeutic Parafin Wax treatment is back at The Forest Podiatry!

Medical grade liquid paraffin wax has the unique ability to retain heat, transfering it to the foot and penetrating the joints. It is used for pain relief and skin treatments of the feet.
Reduces arthritic pain
Relief to joint stiffness, improving mobility
Improves circulation
Relaxes foot and ankle muscles and soothes tendons and ligaments
Rejuvenates and invigorates the skin
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