Tips to care for your feet and keep them toasty and warm throughout Winter…

Winter can be harsh on our feet. Even though they are usually tucked away in socks and shoes, the winter climate can dry out our feet, cause chilblains and ill-fitting enclosed shoes can cause blisters, corns and ingrown toenails.
Some easy ways to care for our skin and nails are:
Keep nails short and filed to ensure they don’t rub on your shoes or other toes.
After your regular general treatments with our Podiatrists, ensure you use a foot buffer to reduce small amounts of callous weekly as it forms.
Using a foot cream with urea on a daily basis will help to reduce the amount of callous that forms and prevent your feet from cracking and drying out.
Theraputic Foot Wax Baths are also available in the clinic if your feet are in need of some pampering! They help to warm and moisturise your feet with paraffin wax and can be effective in reducing pain if you have arthritis or joint stiffness.
Chilblains result from exposing your feet to excessively cold temperatures so to reduce your risk of getting these painful and itchy areas on your toes, all you need to do is keep them warm! Just make sure your slippers are stable on your feet so you don’t trip on them and that they have enough grip on the soles.

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