The words “New School Shoes” is a phrase that most parents cringe at the thought of, but we are here to give advice and guidance on the best shoes for your child and their rapidly growing feet!
School shoes are the shoes your children spend the majority of their growing years wearing, so it’s important that they are a proper fit and provide enough support and stability to accommodate their active lifestyles. If your children ever complain of painful feet, ankles or legs you should arrange an appointment with our Podiatrists for a Biomechanical Assessment. Pain is not a normal part of growing and it is a good idea to investigate the need for orthoses before you buy your School shoes.Some important aspects to consider when choosing a shoe type or brand include fastening, material, support and depth, especially for those children who need orthoses.
Fastening: The shoe should have laces, buckles or Velcro which extends all the way up the top of the foot to ensure the shoe is not slipping off their feet.
Material: A good material for school shoes is Leather and some schools will even specify this in the Uniform guidelines. Leather is a natural material which is breathable and protects feet from damage.
Support: Flexible at the toes, solid through the base, a firm heel counter.
Depth: Most school shoes will have a removable foot bed which should be taken out to provide more depth in the shoe if orthoses are required.
Correct shoe fitting should occur at the store but if you have any questions or would like more information about ensuring your child has the most supportive footwear for school, contact us at The Forest Podiatry and make an appointment today!
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