Solestar cycling insole from The Forest Podiatry, Davidson, NSW 2085

The Forest Podiatry is a Certified assessor and fitters of the Solestar Cycling Insole. Solestar was released in Europe with a phenomenal uptake by the top end of the cycling community eg Schleck brothers, Stuart O’Grady. We are excited to be fitting our local triathlon, road and mountain bike enthusiasts, suitable for all levels of participation and proven to increase power output and reduce over-stress! Street, Mountain biking or triathlon, it is all about finding the perfect interaction between man and machine. The focus is on perfect ergonomics to optimize the transfer of power from foot to pedal. The SOLESTAR cycling shoe insert is made from a special carbon material, which renders the insole extremely light and strong. In contrast to conventional forms of carbon, it has exceptionally good stiffening capabilities and is able to absorb the torsion forces created during push and pull phase without any problem. It slackens and then returns to its original shape. This makes it the ideal material for the SOLESTAR insole.

Solestar_insoles-202x3001The SOLESTAR Principle

During the push phase of the pedaling cycle, the tray-shaped shank and torsion support prevents the medial buckling of the foot. In this, the first metatarsophalangeal joint becomes deeperplaced by the SOLESTAR insole, the middle phalanxes are supported and pressure is reduced. The effect is an even force distribution onto the entire middle foot axis. During the pull phase, the elevation of the lateral rim at the forefoot serves as a border and prevents the foot from losing grip. To assure the high demands the insole is mainly hand-manufactured in Germany. The carbon core is fired at the most advanced standards of carbon production.


The SOLESTAR carbon insole has been in use for some time with pro cyclists. The pros of the new Team Leopard Trek also use SOLESTAR since the beginning at the training and at the race. Part of the team there are the cycling-stars and brothers Andy und Frank Schleck, the Swiss Fabian Cancellara, the German riders Robert Wagner, Fabian Wegmann, Linus Gerdemann and Jens Voigt and a number of other international professional cyclists.

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