Introducing the SS15 Frankie4 Summer Range featuring the new and improved Functional footbed. 

The FRANKiE4 Functional Footbed is the brainchild of a podiatrist and physiotherapist with a mission to provide women with the ultimate foot-supporting benefits, packed into a super stylish design. FRANKiE4 shoes talk the talk and walk the walk, embodying functional fashion with each and every step.


One of the reasons we suffer from sore or aching feet is that we simply weren’t designed to walk and stand on hard surfaces like wooden, tiled or cement floors for prolonged periods. These Functional Footbeds cushion your feet like nothing else (except maybe grass, soft sand or marshmallows). You’ll feel like you’re walking on a soft surface all day long.


Save your sole, sister! The Functional Footbed is contoured very cleverly to improve foot biomechanics; that’s code for maximum support! If you suffer from heel or arch pain, plantar fasciitis or forefoot pain, the FRANKiE4 footbed aims to alleviate (and prevent!) these symptoms.


People demand foot-supporting benefits and comfort in their exercise shoes, so why expect less support in your day-to-day shoes? It just doesn’t make sense! Why should women put up with painful footwear that provides no cushioning and no support, for hours on end, day in and day out? Packed with benefits, FRANKiE4 is the healthy choice in footwear and puts an end to those dreadful days of foot abuse!


We all know ‘comfort’ footwear can conjure up ghastly images of terrifying chemist shoes, while wearing sports shoes outside of a workout is a major fashion faux pas. So where does that leave you? FRANKiE4 is in your fashion corner, successfully combining style and support and finally giving women everywhere a fashion-forward, WOW shoe with undeniable health benefits.


Unknown-1The Sweet Spot (available in SS15 range) is designed to provide additional support to the transverse arch which improves foot biomechanics. Combined with increased cushioning to the most significant weight-bearing plantar metatarsal area, the Sweet Spot is designed to improve forefoot function and comfort whilst assisting in the treatment and prevention of forefoot pain.  Benefits include support of the forefoot arch and extra cushioning provided to the high impact area. The Sweet Spot redistributes pressure across the metatarsal heads which is designed to reduce forefoot pain

Ensure your feet are happy and healthy, step into The Forest Podiatry and ask one of our knowledgeable team members how FRANKiE4 can help keep your feet happy all day. 

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