Laser treatments for fungal nail disease

Nearly 15% of Australian’s suffer from fungal nail disease. Patients who come and see us with this problem describe it as ugly and embarrassing.

How does the laser work?


The laser heats the nail to destroy the fungal spores underneath.

The laser heats up the nail to a temperature of around 50℃, which is enough to kill the fungal spores. Normally one treatment is enough to destroy all the spores.

Does it hurt?

During the procedure, you will feel the nail getting hot. If the heat becomes too much, we stop and wait for a little while, then continue. We have never had a patient complain of actual pain during the procedure.

How quickly does it work?

Because your nails grow slowly, there is no instant way to repair the damage caused by fungal nail disease. But by killing all the spores and using follow up preventative measures to ensure that the nails are not re-infected, you should have nails free of any sign of fungal damage in 10-12 weeks.


Fungal Nails – before and after treatment and regrowth

Can I see it in action?

The laser we use is made in Germany. Below is an informative video produced by the manufacturers showing a young German girl going for laser treatment.  

Want more information?

You may find the answers to your questions in our FAQ section. Or you can visit our dedicated laser therapy website for more information.

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