Podiatrist – Northern Beaches of Sydney – Davidson, 2085

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Introducing the SS15 Frankie4 Summer Range featuring the new and improved Functional footbed.  The FRANKiE4 Functional Footbed is the brainchild of a podiatrist and physiotherapist with a mission to provide women with the ultimate foot-supporting benefits, packed into a super stylish design. FRAN...

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Fungal Free Nails for Summer

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Experience the Freedom of Fungal Free Nails Are your toes ready for sandal season?  As the mercury rises and we start to take our toes out of our Winter warming shoes, are you embarrassed by fungal nails?  At The Forest Podiatry we have been treating Fungal nails using laser technology for over t...

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Feet & The Brain

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Have you ever thought about the important role your feet play in your daily life? On face value, your feet touch the ground whenever you’re standing, walking or running, and they are extensions of the legs, which help move you. But your feet are much more than that. After all, they are the founda...

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New Year: it’s time for new FEET!

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Welcome to 2014! We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Every year we all make numerous New Years resolutions with the hope of improving ourselves and our lifestyle. Whether it is losing those extra few kilos or finding that work/life balance we all strive for, why not start...

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Merry Christmas!

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The Forest Podiatry team wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year. We have greatly appreciated your support throughout the year and we are looking forward to a very exciting 2014! We will reopen on the 2nd January but online bookings remain available 24/7! Ple...

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October is Foot Health Month: Love your feet, mind and body this summer

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October is Foot Health Month and with summer just around the corner (well it feels like it’s already here!), it’s the perfect time to focus attention on one of the most neglected parts of our bodies. Are your feet ready for summer? Research by our Australasian Podiatry Council has sho...

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City2Surf training & a common running injury

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ITBFS- Lateral knee pain Been training hard in preparation for the upcoming City2Surf or other races in the coming season? Pounding the pavement? Live in a hilly area? Pain on the outside of your knee? Visit us here at The Forest Podiatry to address any lower limb pain and biomechanical issues yo...

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Winter footcare for diabetics

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As the weather turns colder, diabetics need to pay more attention to their feet.

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10 tips for choosing new sports footwear

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When choosing sports shoes or boots, no matter what the sport, choosing shoes that fit well is key to preventing injury.

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A warm welcome from The Forest Podiatry team

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Hello from two podiatrists in Sydney’s Northern Beaches! Welcome to The Forest Podiatry’s blog. I’m Sophia Hennessy, Owner and Director of The Forest Podiatry, Davidson NSW.  I’ve been passionately taking care of people’s foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, leg pain, lower ba...

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